Supporting Children and Families – Children’s Crisis Treatment Center

Children’s Crisis Treatment Center pic
Children’s Crisis Treatment Center

New Jersey resident and graduate of Rutgers School of Business, Daniel “Dan” Farber is the chief executive officer and president of Bright Lights USA. In addition to leading Bright Lights, Dan Farber supports several charitable organizations, including Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-based Children’s Crisis Treatment Center (CCTC).

Children’s Crisis Treatment Center provides advocacy, education, and resources for children’s mental health services. CCTC helps more than 2,400 families every year to understand adverse experiences using techniques based on decades of research. Outreach programs are offered in homes, schools, the community, and in nearby Montgomery County.

Trained Children’s Crisis Treatment Center mobile behavioral health therapists administer rehabilitation services to identify and address kids’ issues. Therapeutic staff members partner with youths on an individual basis giving support they need to succeed in life. CCTC care coordinators oversee the entire care process ensuring the child’s family unit is aware of health and support resources in their area, and facilitates communication between behavioral health programs.


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