American Red Cross Revises Programs for Teaching Life-Saving Methods


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Red Cross

Daniel Farber directs Bright Lights USA, a New Jersey-based supplier of military spare parts. Dedicated to community service, Dan Farber also supports the American Red Cross.

In January 2019, the Red Cross launched a new set of course materials for advanced techniques of resuscitation. It is partnering with HealthStream, a company that provides training and assessment for healthcare organizations. In the works for two years, the curriculum consists of instruction and certification in basic and advanced life support and advanced pediatric life support.

The new program draws from a strong foundation, with course materials incorporating the latest developments in resuscitation technology made in consultation with the International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation. The Red Cross also sought the advice of its Scientific Advisory Council, composed of more than 50 experts in science, academia, and medicine.

The United States Armed Forces are implementing the curriculum and plan to train some 250,000 troops. Further, more than 600,000 medical professionals have taken the earlier version of the Basic Life Support course.