Education Opportunities with the Society of Naval Architects

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Society of Naval Architects

In 1990 Daniel “Dan” Farber founded the military spare parts manufacturing and distribution company Bright Lights USA. Today Dan Farber is president and chief executive officer of New Jersey-based Bright Lights USA. Mr. Farber is a member of the Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers (SNAME).

The Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers is among the worlds leading nonprofit maritime and ocean professional organizations. Over 6,000 members in 85 countries work to advance industry education, networking, and research. Open to anyone studying or professionally involved in the vessel life cycle, the society offers scholarships and a variety of education courses.

Scholarships are given to high-performing undergraduate and graduate students studying marine engineering naval architecture. For experienced professionals, the society offers continuing professional education programs at its annual meeting. SNAME also offers a distance learning review course for the Professional Engineer Principles and Practice Examination in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering.